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11   /   06   /   2023

Fold and Go is a unique and practical creative work. Felix originally designed with his son in mind, an artist on the go, who needed a table that can be used for art shows, easy to move, light, space saving and good looking. The wood is kept natural with a slight burn for appeal that didn’t have to be covered when they attended an art show.


Transform your use of space whenever an extra table space is needed, fold them away until the next time they are required. How will you put this versatile and unique piece to use?  


bar table



Rolling Bar Table is a piece of furniture designed and handcrafted by Felix Martinez to bring versatility into your space by allowing usability in any fashion desired. Several different species of wood are woven together to make one cohesive piece of Art, including Felix going from lumber to lumber yard collecting old pallets and preparing them for use.


The Rolling Bar table is like any other table that you would purchase. It can be used as a table for your store and cash register or a clean and mobile bar within your home and man cave. Covered with a clear for protection, Rolling Table kept the natural look of the wood that would bring a dynamic and rich look to your space. Rolling Table is not mass-produced but is made to order with a 2 week wait time plush shipping and handling. This Rolling Bar table belongs to you!



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